Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Role of Women in Conflict Phases

The role of women in conflict phases

Women and men play different roles as social actors and also have different needs and interests. In the different phases of a conflict (before, during and after) woman can play different roles and work proactively to secure peace.  Their activities often overlap the individual phases.
1. In the Pre-conflict phase : They include lack of participation in political life, suppression, discrimination and exclusion of all kinds, violation of human rights, little access to land and resources, and the absence of security.
2. During an armed conflict: The threat of violence is extremely high: fear and insecurity, the destruction of livelihoods, expulsion, loss of family and death are just some examples of the problems to be confronted. The proactive role of women to ensure survival and settlement of the conflict could not be more challenging.
3. In the post- conflict phase: Women play a particularly important role both during the peace process and also in the rehabilitation and reintegration phase.
Women can play a significant role in decision-making functions through their full participation in conflict settlement and peace peocesses.

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