Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The People's Movement and Nepal

The People's Movement (1990) and Nepal

The first few months of 1990 witnessed a complete turn-around in the politics of Nepal. The revolution took place which was popularly known as the People’s Movement 'Jana-Andolan I' ; the Panchayat regime fell; an interim government was established and committed itself to the introduction of multi-party democracy and finally, the King for so long an absolute ruler, freely handed over his powers and became a constitutional monarch. Until 1990, Nepal was a feudalistic monarchy. The 1990 people's movement displaced the absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. The goal of the people's movement was for a democratic government and social change. After the people's revolt to democracy nothing changed. Many people in power believed that democracy meant one could do anything. People had high expectations of positive reforms and better policies for all the communities and groups after the democratic government came into power. Alas, nothing of this sort happened. Congress government ruled most of the last 11 years of democracy. Twice there was a coalition government and CPN- UML for nine months. In all those years political parties could not able to lead and address the people's sentiments.

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