Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Impact of Conflict in Nepal

Impact of conflict in Nepal
Nepal is in a delicate transition form war to peace. This country has experienced a bloody armed conflict for a decade. This bloody conflict not only Tooke the life of more than thirteen thousand people and caused damage to infrastructure worth billions of rupees but also paved the path for transformation of a feudal, centralized, monarchical unitary state into a modern, inclusive, federal republican state.
Violence and war leave behind much more damage than can be seen by the naked eye. The visible consequences the deal and the wounded, raped and bereaved refugees and the displaced and the material damage to buildings and infrastructure are social catastrophes to be addressed immediately.
Moreover, the deep damage to our attitude is equally important to set them right for they leave scars on the human mind as trauma, guilt and hatred, a thirst for revenge. It is rehabilitation of deeply wounded human beings; repair of social structure and of culture. If this is not addressed, wars and violence will be reproduced.

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